Work long hours?
Pooch alone all day?
In a cage all day?
Treat your dogs to a fun day with friends at the Pooch Palace!
We provide a home away from home from dogs of all ages. Pooch Palace Pool

Charleston Pooch Palace offers Dog Boarding and Daycare in Mt Pleasant

  • 10 hours of monitored playtime 7 days a week!
  • Large fenced in area covered in professional astroturf
  • Huge 30x15 Pool to splash in
  • Couches and beds for everyone
  • Separate indoor/outdoor area for small & big dogs
  • Constant access to air conditioning inside
  • Water misters outside to cool the air and refresh the dogs
  • Tennis ball machine!
So whether your dog feels like playing or taking a nap in a cozy spot, he/she will always have a great time and feel right at home.

Overnight boarders can be confined to a large crate or have the run of a huge room with plenty of couches and beds for everyone (provided your dog has no aggression issues). It's up to you! On site obedience and problem behavior modification training is available on site as well.  

And yes, you did read that right, the Pooch Palace is over 17,000 square feet of pure "wear your dog out" running room, by far the most play area of any doggy day care facility within Charleston city limits.

Pooch Palace Dog Grooming Need a shampoo, cut, nail trim or ears cleaned?  If so, we would be happy to make your dog look spiffy clean!
Check out our pricing.
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Kelly Snider
  I bring both my dogs at least once a week and they absolutely love it. In the beginning the oldest would get anxious as I he is pulling me inside and running to the back yard so fast, I'm secondary!  When they get home all they want is dinner and their bed.  It is great! The team obviously goes out of their way to make the dogs comfortable and ensure they have fun!
outside play area Pooch Palace