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Enormous Play Yard

Our play yard covers 30,000 square feet!

Full Size Pool

The pool in our Big Dog Area is 30 feet by 15 feet.

Toys Mandatory

Tennis balls flying all day long for ball chasers…and remote controlled cars!

The most fun dog daycare and boarding facility in Charleston!

The Pooch Palace is a home away from home for your dog or puppy. You won’t find the same consistent mixture of pure fun for dogs with such a high level of control at the same time anywhere else. Why? Because unlike the competition, our foundation is in obedience training. In a pack environment, control must come first, then the fun starts. If there is no order, there can be no fun without dominant behavior and fights, which is why our training background is they key to why dogs at our facility have so much fun and yet remain controlled at the same time. Those who act out with dominant behavior either sign up for intensive training with us or they go to another facility to stand around wishing someone would throw a ball or something!

Those who play by our rules are the lucky ones who get to attend the largest, cleanest, most reasonably priced, most FUN dog daycare and boarding facility in Charleston. Our play yard is over 17,000 square feet of Astroturf with a huge 30′ x 15′ pool, misters attached to cold well water, couches and chairs under covered areas and groves of banana trees, a remote control car that goes over 20 mph, and balls and toys flying through the air all day long.


Supervised Play Time
Love and Attention
Open 365 days a year

Why choose the Pooch Palace?

  • 10 hours of monitored play time 7 days a week

  • Owned and operated by professional dog trainer and vet technicians

  • Large fenced in area covered in professional astroturf

  • Constant access to air conditioning inside

  • Full size 30 x 15 foot pool in our big dog yard

  • Couches inside and outside for lounging

  • Tennis balls flying all day long for the ball chasers

  • Outdoor Cabanas with misting fans and furniture

  • Caged and cage-less boarding and luxury suites

  • 7 full hours of playtime on major holidays

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Why do we close from 12 to 2pm?  Safety first!

The play yard in our dog daycare is a huge sports field with four legged athletes running, cutting, diving, rolling, roughhousing and playing all day long. During physical competition, adrenaline keeps us motivated to keep playing even when we have tweaked or even seriously injured ourselves. Only after the game is over and the injured body part is rested for a few hours do we realize that we probably should have called it quits. A few hours of rest slows the adrenaline down and make dogs who would have kept playing give us some indication that they are hurt and should not be playing until they had a chance to recuperate. The last thing we want to do is turn a minor injury into something more serious by letting a dog who has hurt himself continue to play.

Our two hour break may be inconvenient at times, but safety comes first.

Pooch Palace Suite

Our Happy Clients