Just a few bad habits can turn a loveable pooch into an animal that is quite difficult to live with! 

Jumping, chewing, play biting and using the house as some sort of a toilet (how rude!) are among the most common undesirable behavior. 

Alpha Dog Training's Jeff Sutton has been a professional dog trainer in the Charleston area for the past 19 years.  We offer several training programs to meet your particular needs:

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Jeff Sutton training dogs at the Pooch Palace

 I am writing to thank Jeff & the rest of the staff at Pooch Palace for taking such great care of my bulldog, Osi. Not only did they care for him as I would but they also helped my husband and I be better owners with enforcing discipline. Osi is a different dog after just one lesson & a day at the Pooch Palace. This is money well spent & you will be thrilled with the outcome!
Meredith Miller
Inside Big Dog Play Area Pooch Palace