Us Versus The Competition

Why are we the best?

As stated on our home page, the biggest difference between the Pooch Palace and other facilities is our owner’s background in dog training. Alpha Dog Training has been serving Charleston for 20 years, and only the long term success of the dog training company allowed the owner, Jeff, to open the Pooch Palace. Jeff has helped thousands of dog owners gain control of unruly puppies and dogs. Anything from normal puppy behaviors to extremely aggressive dogs and dogs who are scared of their own shadows due to abuse or neglect. Any problem behavior you can think of, Jeff has seen after 20 years of being a professional dog trainer. Every staff member learns crucial basic dog training skills, which is why you won’t Google our company and find articles with horror stories about dogs dying in fights, or searches for a lost dog who escaped the daycare facility and ran off down Coleman Blvd! Those things have happened at other local facilities, all you have to do is spend a little time on the internet to see examples of pure negligence.
Most places don’t allow balls and toys because they don’t want dogs competing over them. Our training expertise allows us to let dogs play with toys and roughhouse with each other without fighting.
Our staff consists of many vet technicians who love dogs and caring for dogs, but who grew tired of working tirelessly for thankless hours and pay. Here, their hard work and knowledge gets put to good use and we believe that hard work and dedication deserves steady raises in pay, which is why our core employees stay here and stay happy. There are a few dogs who are alive today only because someone with vet tech experience noticed warning signs that the average person wouldn’t have noticed. In one instance, our employee didn’t like how one dog “looked”, insisted that we take it to the vet, and an hour later the dog was in surgery because it’s liver had ruptured. The vet said that if another half hour would have gone by, the dog would have surely died. Without several vet technicians working here, a few dogs who are alive today would’t be among the living because only someone with their medical training can identify certain ailments that the common person would overlook.
One of the biggest differences in our facility and other facilities is our enormous play yard. Some places are downright TINY! A dog can flat out cut loose at the Pooch Palace, and you will see the evidence of how much exercise your dog gets here when he/she passes out in the car on the way home.
If you have toured other facilities and toured the Pooch Palace, you will see clear evidence that much of our revenue gets put back into improving the Pooch Palace. Not a day goes by where we don’t do something to improve our play yard in some way and all you have to do is come look to see the clear difference between the Pooch Palace and other facilities.
Why do people always comment on how clean our facility looks and smells when they take our tour? We don’t know, but it’s nice to hear. We take pride in keeping the Palace clean. And germs and disease are spread in dirty environments, so the cleaner, the better.
That’s simple, trade secrets. We know we have the best brand going and we aren’t about to show the world how we pull off the feat of so many dogs having so much fun without fighting with each other. It is what separates us from everyone else. We post videos of the day’s activities and fun just about every day.

Come see!

We encourage you to tour all facilities in town and we are confident that you will see what makes the Pooch Palace such a great, special place. We have an open door policy, and you can come look at our play yard whenever you want.